Last weekend we celebrated Meskel in Addis Ababa. Meskel is an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian holiday which celebrates the finding of the true cross.

On Meskel Eve, I went with a group of friend to Meske Square to celebrate with thousands of people. As the sun set (and after I fell in the mud – twice), the people in the square lit candles and held them aloft until they burned out. The sight was inspiring and beautiful.

The climax of the evening was when a large damara (sp?) was lit on fire by the church’s leaders.

It was an evening i will not forget.









Updated plans

Hello from Jigjiga, Ethiopia!

When I arrived in Ethiopia two months ago, I planned to return to Seattle on September 7. Well, it’s now the 21st of September and I’m happily still here.

Unexpectedly, I took on a full time teaching position at the International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia as a founding faculty member, teaching English and Drama.

Starting next week I will also be teaching a class or two at the Stanford School, also in Addis.

And then, I have just started a really cool consulting project for an international NGO which brought me to Jigjiga, Ethiopia for the weekend – hopefully for other weekends in the future. (Most details on this to come once we have solidified my Scope of Work)…

All of these wonderful opportunities will keep me in Ethiopia until December (with a two week sojourn to the US in mid-November for a conference).

I miss my dog and my friends in the US, but am so grateful for the opportunities that are presenting themselves here for me and my consulting company.

Sending warm wishes from Ethiopia.

And some photos…