First week in Ethiopia

Yesterday ended my first week of teaching at the International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia. I am teaching a two week class called “Building Confidence and Creativity through Theatre.” The students are amazing; I’ve had such a blast seeing them open up, take creative risks, and try new things. There are two students in particular who have really come out of their shell in such a short period of time. It’s amazing.

The students’ English language skills are remarkable; I have been impressed with how well they are able to play with words, their clear enunciation, and their ability to communicate their senses of humor with ease.

Yesterday our classes did a sharing. As the students approached the stage, readying for their performance, an amazing thing happened: everyone starting clapping, in unison. I was in awe, and found this one of the most touching things I have ever experienced. The unison clapping was a sign of support and of community. It said, “we are here. We support you. Good luck.” This cultural expression was one of the most powerful signs of community I have experienced.

I am truly grateful to be here.



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