Lights out Wonderland


The other night I attended a performance of “Lights out Wonderland,” an original play written by young people participating in the Little Arts Academy Young Actors Anonymous troupe.

I have met the troupe members a few times since I have been in Singapore, and I led a workshop for them in May. They are a wonderful group of young people, and they did a nice job with this performance.It’s been fun to see how they have developed as performers over the past few months.

The show was performed outdoors at Singapore’s newest attraction, Gardens By the Bay, in the Super Tree Grove. Performing outdoors is always challenging, but the students captured the audience’s attention and filled the space well.

Gardens By the Bay is a really cool space – a haven for photographers, with really interesting public art details, enormous illuminated trees, and a variety of spaces celebrating the outdoors. I can’t wait to go back.

From the Gardens, you can walk to Marina Bay Sands. Amazingly, as I was headed towards the train, I was able to see a fireworks display (practice for National Day) aaanand, the light / water show at Marina Bay Sands. I kept thinking – am I really seeing this? Quite inspiring and interesting artwork in many different fashions.

Some photos from these amazing experiences…









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