Kota Tinggi and the Fireflies



Yesterday Edna, Michael, and I went to Kota Tinggi (Malaysia) to visit their famous waterfall, see a fruit farm, and go on a firefly boat cruise.

The day started off rough, but we had a great time…

We left Singapore at 10, after a bus driver didn’t stop for me when I flagged down the bus, and after I had finally boarded a bus, the woman next to me started trimming her finger (and then toe?!) nails. I changed my seat.

We waited in the longest queue ever at the border, and because my visa status had changed, we had to into the office and talk to the immigration folks. They were all very nice, but the journey took much longer than we had expected.

When we finally arrived in Kota Tinggi, we found ourselves at the Rainforest Resort, a massive (and beautiful) place owned by a Singaporean. We had lunch there, and the owner, Paul, took us on a tour of his fruit farm and his acreage. It was really interesting and fun.

We visited the local waterfall (and its water theme park called Wet World) and dipped our feet in the water. It was a hot day, but the water was cool, and it was fun seeing families there enjoying their Sunday.

Later in the day, we headed off for some dinner (rojak, kway teo, carrot juice) and then to the firefly cruise.

We boarded a boat at a place called the Kota Tinggi firefly park. There were about 40 over people on the boat, and we cruised down the river. The moon was bright, and as our eyes got adjusted to the light, we could see thousands of fireflies on the river’s banks, seemingly sitting in bushes and trees. As the blinked,the trees looked like lit Christmas trees. It was so beautiful.

I grew up in Iowa, so I am no stranger to fireflies in the summer. I have never seen them cluster together, and “sit” in trees. Really cool! Riding on a boat just made the experience that much more fun.

After the boat ride we each bought paper lanterns (mine was purple, of course). We wrote wishes on the sides of the lanterns. The lanterns were lit, and we launched them into the sky, watching them float over the river and disappear in the distance. Here’s hoping the wishes will come true…






2 thoughts on “Kota Tinggi and the Fireflies

  1. Hello there.
    Just checking with you, where did you get the skylantern?
    Is it included in the firefly boat tour package or you have to purchase it separately?
    Thank you in advance! =)

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