Holiday in Hong Kong


I spent the last week in Hong Kong visiting my friend Sunil, meeting with theatre ed colleagues, and going on adventures with my Singaporean friend, Edna.

The first full day I was there I made a pilgrimage to the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island. Because of the high winds the cable car wasn’t operating, so I took a bus there. It was one of the most peaceful and serene places I have ever been. On the top of one of the hills is the “Big Buddha,” a massive statue which also houses an exhibit, relics, and a shrine. It was quite a hike getting to the top of the hill, but worth it – the view was fantastic, and walking around inside the Big Buddha was a fantastic experience.

I was able to take the cable car back to Tung Chung Station which was amazing. I had the car to myself, so I could move around and take photos through the rain splattered windows.

That evening Sunil and Rachel and I went out for some local cuisine. We ate street food (my favorite being a sort of reversed waffle) and some deeelicous steamed milk.

The next day I met up with Edna, and we headed out to the New Territories in search of the Wishing Tree and walled villages. We left our wishes at the Wishing Tree, praying for them by writing the wishes on paper scrolls, lighting joss sticks (they wer lit with a blow torch – no joke), and then moving the scrolls around the top of the joss sticks. We left them hanging there…

After a deeelicious meal of local noodles and brisket, we went on an adventure down the heritage trail, a 5k walk through small villages, many of which still have their original clan walls. Unlike busy Hong Kong, we were the only tourists anywhere to be seen. It was great.

Hong Kong is much different than Singapore; the people seem more relaxed and friendlier. It was really easy to get around; the public transport is easy and cheap. In fact, everything in Singapore was much cheaper than in Singapore…

After a few days in Hong Kong, Edna and I took the ferry to Macau…











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