Underwater World!



Following a weekend of busy-ness, I took yesterday off, lounging around in my pajamas and Skyping with a friend in Seattle. In the afternoon my friend Jeannie and I went on an adventure to Underwater World! in Sentosa. It was really fun.

Sentosa is an island just to the south of the island of Singapore. As soon as you cross the causeway it feels like you are on a different planet; there are resorts, luxury condos and restaurants, and places like Universal Studios and Underwater World!

I have to admit that Underwater World was both awesome and disappointing at the same time. There wasn’t much to it, and the dolphin show was less than impressive. That being sad, however, the best part of the experience was the tunnel. And the jellyfish.

In the tunnel, you are essentially walking through the ocean (protected by a pane of glass); above and beside you are massive tanks of fish. They can swim over you and beside you. It is pretty incredible.

If there aren’t three billion people there (which was the case at the beginning of our visit), the tunnel is a really meditative and peaceful place. There’s something so amazing about watching a sting ray swim above you as schools of fish dart by. I liked it.

As Jeannie and I were standing there watching the fish, a group of angel fish swam next to us and hung out, curious about us. There was one fish who seemed to take a particular interest in Jeannie. It stayed with us a good 20 minutes.

We bonded with the fish.







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