Student Reflections

I met with the VJC students today to reflect on the sharing last week, the project in general, and to prepare for this weekend’s Celebrate Drama conference. The students are going to help me facilitate a workshop called “Connecting to the Community.”

The five VJ students who regularly participated in the intergenerational drama workshops kept journals about their experiences. I thought I would share some of their words about the project…

From Jeannie:

I felt so loved by the elderly at the end of today’s session…they genuinely thanked me (and everybody else) for being here for the past 6 weeks. I am so glad I participated in this project.

Today marked the end of the 6 week project. Looking back, it really wasn’t that long of a project, but it really impacted my life…I feel so loved by them…It was a wonderful experience to work with the J1s and the elderly in this drama project. This is one CIP [Community Involvement Project] that really went both ways. I’m sure that the elderly will miss us as much as we will miss them.

From Erin:

I really think drama overcomes barriers, not just that of language, but that of age, culture, and whatnot.

Watching the elderly in my group successfully improvise out scenes makes me feel a strange sense of pride, though it only proves that just about anybody can do drama, because it’s so intuitive. To put yourself in a character’s shoes… I guess you could call that empathy, and anyone human has empathy, so anyone human can hence do drama.

They really enjoy drama, and it feels so good to revel in that satisfaction and sense of achievement one gets by effecting someone through doing something one loves. I absolutely love drama, so it makes me so happy to see someone so different from myself to love drama too.

From Cerys:

“Loved their passion and I found it was our vibe and heart that created that change in them.

It has been an enriching six weeks. I felt that in the journey, we truly added value to the lives of each other…I found value in myself through the constant input of encouragement in the workshops towards them. As they found confidence and ease on the stage, I felt a very quiet sense of joy and gratification too. I saw the beauty of life and humanity in a different light.

From Melody:

the most important thing that happened during this activity isn’t just the fact that it helped the elderly open up, but also the relationships that were built. Drama, I found, really connects people in the most interesting ways.

I really loved this activity because I suddenly realised my acting can impact my society, that I can put my passion together with social work. It is the most amazing feeling when you find that what you love doing can be used to do good in this world.

From Yun Wei

The elderly’s performances were the ones that struck me. Performing in front of Almost 90 people, they displayed no signs of anxiety and fear. This was striking tonme, as I know that this was their first time acting in front of an audience.

no matter what background these seniors came from (some only had primary school education), drama would still be able to inspire them. It is something without the boundaries of background, personality and in our case, age.


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