Phone Fiasco!

I spent the day on Friday at the Academy of Singapore Teachers. I had lunch with one of the Deputy Directors and some colleagues, and then went to the library to do some work on a few upcoming presentations I am making at the end of the month.

I sat down on the AST library couch and realized I didn’t have my phone with me, I had left it on my counter in the restroom. When I went back to retrieve it (it had been about 2 mins), my phone was gone. Ack!

I am fairly certain that the phone was reclaimed by someone; not really stolen, but not returned either. There was a woman who I suspected may have seen it because she had been standing outside of the bathroom and no one else was around. She averted my gaze and said she hadn’t been in the bathroom.

I talked with the security people at AST and they reviewed security tapes, talked with several employees, consulted with the Singapore police, but came up with nothing. The phone wasn’t of huge value (it kind of sucked actually), but all of my Singaporean contacts were on there (and nowhere else) among photos and other things of personal value.

I bought a new phone (which is awesome but really expensive), and was able to keep my old Singaporean phone #. If you know me personally, please send me your contact info.


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