Fourth Intergenerational Drama Workshop


We held our fourth intergenerational drama workshop last Monday at the Touch Senior Activities Centre. Jaclyn wasn’t able to join us, so I was on my own with the students.

We decided last week (after a meeting at the airport – no joke) that we would do a “sharing” of the project on 24 May at Victoria Junior College. The project has been focused on the process of connecting the elders and the youth and the number of workshops has been small, so we don’t have a play to perform.

At first, I thought we could offer some simple talking points about the project and be done in an hour. The Touch Community is bringing 90 elders to the event, and so I feel like we need to do more, so I’ve had to reconceive the sharing…

After much fretting, I decided we would try to do a sample intergenerational drama workshop with the audience members who come to the sharing on the 24th. We’ll set up a bunch of tables and chairs and invite audience members to sit at the tables where there will be reminiscence cards (we’re borrowing them from Touch). The cards will serve as a catalyst for conversation, and a spark for drama.

The workshop participants will share a few scenes they have created in the workshop, and we will do a slide show and have each participant share their experience of participating in the workshop.

The sharing will be conducted in Mandarin, with the students facilitating the event and / or translating for me.

So last week’s intergenerational drama workshop was focused more on trying to get some strong scenes off of the ground than on process. We got started late (there was a meeting in the space where we meet), and everyone felt rushed. It was amazing to me how the tone of the workshop completely changed from freely interacting with each other to the pressure of putting together a sharing. Really fascinating.

I met with the VJ students afterwards and we finished our plan for the event on Thursday and reflected on their experiences during the last workshop.

I am feeling a bit nervous about the event on 24 May, but I am sure it will be fine. We have one more workshop with the elders tomorrow. Seems strange and sad that we will be finishing the workshop this week. I Am wondering what will happen next…






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