Intergenerational Drama workshop #3



Yesterday we conducted our thirs intergenerational drama workshop at the Touch Senior Activities Centre. It was a blast.

The VJC students chose this workshop’s theme to be “fashion.” The VJ students and the seniors brought items of clothing to use and share as part of the workshop.

The workshop was absolutely hysterical, chaotic, and fun. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, and the addition of costume pieces got some of the seniors to open up more than they had in past weeks.

Two of the seniors, both of whom had been pretty reserved in past weeks, brought personal photos to share with the students. The students and I agreed that this was a clear sign that what we are doing is working; everyone is opening up to each other.

We had 7 VJ students attend yesterday. 5 of them were the original group, one came the previous week and enjoyed it so much he wanted to come again, and the last was a student who wanted to participate but hadn’t the time. They were all fantastic.

I found out (or realized) about an hour before the workshop that our workshop for next week has to be cancelled. Next Monday is a holiday in celebration of Vesak Day.

I am bummed! The seniors are bummed! The students are bummed! (I guess this is a good sign.)

And this pause may cause a couple of problems: 1. we have a momentum going and I am concerned the pause will disrupt the momentum. 2. we lose one of the workshops we were going to do to generate scenes for a public sharing. ack! 3. we will only have 5 workshops instead of 6, which is already fewer than the 8 we had originally planned. I am sure it will all work out fine, but it causes a bit of a ripple into the plan.

After the session yesterday, we met for our usual post-reflection workshop and to discuss plans for the next one. We met for an hour and a half, but didn’t get finished with our planning. We decided to meet again next Saturday to finalize our plans. Our meeting location? The airport. Apparently a lot of students go there to study – it is big, has air con, and there are a lot of places to sit. Hilarious.

I took the students out to dinner after the session yesterday. It was a blast to hang out with them. I interviewed each of the student participants earlier in the day.

Full day! So fun…

We are tenatively planning to have a public sharing on 25 May. I hope we can pull that off. It would be nice to have the students and seniors share their work and the experience with others.





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