Look what I made!


On Friday Sharon and I attended a professional development workshop for teachers at the Academy of Singapore Teachers. It was organized by my friend Kanni who also works at AST.

The workshop was designed to help teachers deal with stress. I think it more than accomplished its goal.

About 25 of us participated in the workshop lead by Mr. Chua and Mr. Koo, local Clay artists. On each table was a huge block of clay, a bowl of water and various tools. Mr. Chua led us through two different clay projects, one a sort of plate, and the second, a vase-ish project.

For those of you who know me, you know I have a hard time following the rules for an assignment, particularly if they are artistic projects. This time was no exception.

For the second project instead of making a vase I made a mug. Sharon made one, too, so we rebelled together.

I’m not sure I’m a natural born potter, but it was a fun workshop, and I did feel less stressed afterwards. I think we should do more of these kinds of workshops in the US.



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