Another Monastery visit




Whenever I travel (and maybe even at home?) I find myself seeking out religious or spiritual institutions to visit. I love being in peaceful and beautiful spaces, spaces where people question their existence and purpose. I find these spaces inspiring. Sacred spaces are like schools for the soul.

In between my three obligations yesterday, I found an hour to visit a Buddhist monastery near Bishan Park. The monastery is huge and beautiful, with all sorts of quiet spaces for contemplation and prayer. I got list wandering the paths and visiting the many halls.

Since I have been in Singapore, I have found a particular resonance with the goddess of mercy, Kwan Yin. I found a large statue of her at the monastery, and stood in front of her statue for a few minutes. When I next turned around, about 200 monks had surrounded me. It was a sudden, quiet, and very peaceful swarming and I was surprised and pleased. I bowed to them, and most smiled and waved, moving on to their next event. It was a really nice, but brief human connection. I love these moments.





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