McDonald’s and wifi – I’m loving it?

I have no internet access at home. And it’s frustrating. I have only my Ipad with me (in retrospect not the best idea) so I need wifi access.

To use the internet I travel to the National University of Singapore (a 5 min bus ride) where I can access the wifi because I’m a student there, use my cell phone as a wireless hotspot (which works… sometimes), or I go to McDonald’s.

Yeah. I know. An American. Going to McDonalds. While traveling abroad.

It goes against Everything I believe in. I walk in there wanting to announce to every passersby that “I love laska!” and “I prefer a prata!” but, alas.

But here’s why I go to McDonalds:
1. McDonald’s has air con
2. McDonald’s has cheap coffee
3. McDonald’s has free! wifi!

That’s right, friends. Wifi for the frees. And, you can sit there for hours.

I’m loving the free wifi, but McDonalds? Really?

ok, it’s not the only place you can get wifi. I do also visit local coffee shops, the library branches, etc. You can sign up for a WirelessSG account and access free internets where there is a hotspot around Singapore. Which is awesome. McDonalds always has a hotspot. And they have awesome chairs (not the plastic crap in the US).

I’m not sure I’m lovin’ it… but it is my current working plan without internet at home…


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