Connecting students across 15 time zones…

This morning I scraped myself out of bed at 5 am to bring students in Seattle together with students in Singapore via Skype. I love these kinds of interactions, bridging people together who wouldn’t have an opportunity to meet, to share ideas and experiences. It was a really cool experience, and I cannot wait until I can do it again.

Over the course of about an hour’s conversation, the Applied Theatre students in Seattle shared their experiences of intergenerational drama work; what they learned, what was surprising, what seemed to work well, and what didn’t. The students were amazing! Articulate. Poised. Funny. The session was really informative for the JC students, they were engaged, and they seemed to learn a lot.

I wish we would have had more time to prep the JC students before the conversation, but because the NWS is on spring break starting Friday, it was important to do it now. I wanted the NWS students to introduce the project to their peers, and waiting two weeks would be too lste.

Later this morning Jaclyn and I will be meeting with the elders who will be involved in the program. She will be speaking to them in Mandarin (which I do not understand), and introducing them to the project. We talked through what she will be saying and it all sounds great.

Jaclyn is amazing. She is working really hard to help me put together this project, and doing a large amount of the legwork on the logistic side of things in order for this to actually work. In addition, she’s a wonderful, positive, and compassionate person. I feel so fortunate to be working at this JC, with the Touch Senior Services, and with Jaclyn on this project.

It truly brings me heartfelt joy to bring people together, cross cultural, cross generational, international. And I believe the sharing of life stories and drama are some wonderful ways to inspire these interactions.


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