About Thunderstorms


I live in Seattle, so I am very familiar with rain. The rain in Seattle is soft, gentle, and acts sort of like a wet blanket that “warms” you during the long winter months.

Well, hardly warm. It’s more like damp, bone chilling cold, but there is something comforting about the sound of the rain. It invites you to be cozy. This guy I used to know once said, “Seattle is a great place to take a nap.”

Let me tell you – the rain in Singapore is nothing like the rain in Seattle. Singaporean rain is suprising. Unsettling. And not a bit cozy or comfortable. If you forget your umbrella or think you’ve got a clear day, you’ll regret it. The rain pounds. Water is everywhere. Lightning and thunder wake you up, blind you. Knock you to your knees.

Especially the Sumatra squalls. We had some of those yesterday.

The rain does cool things down, though. Decreases how quickly you break into a sweat (10 mins instead of 5 for example).

I like the rain, particularly in Singapore. Instead of feeling cozy, it invigorates me, inspires me, and keeps me on my toes.



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