Pulau Ubin


On Saturday Kristin, Michael, Edna, and I took a bumboat from Changi (northeastern Singapore) to the island of Pulau Ubin.

The island is very rural, beautiful, charming, and serves as a wonderful escape from the bustle of the city. We had a wonderful day hiking through the wetlands and on the dirt roads crisscrossing the island.

We drank water from coconuts, ate Edna’s brownies, and enjoyed the sunshine and the views of the water. During the day we saw a mudskipper, several water monitors (lizards), watched a lizard attack and eat a crab, and were awestruck as a trio of wild pigs stampeded by us into the jungle.

I have to say seeing stampeding wild pigs was something I had never expected to encounter in my lifetime. And I loved it. They were huge. Brown. Semi-hairy. And ran really fast. Very cool!

We also had a run-in with monkeys… As we passed by a prawn farm we noticed things dropping from the trees. We looked up and there was a group (is that what you call them? a bunch? a posse?) of monkeys in the tree. Kristin was certain that the monkeys were throwing things at us. I’m happy to say no one got beaned in the head.

It was an amazing day.









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