Kranji adventure


I’m home after an extraordinarily amazing day with my friend Anne and her family. We spent the day touring around to different sites in the Kranji countryside, and ended the day in Changi, on the east coast of the island.

Both areas are a little more rural than where I live, rows of nurseries, papaya trees, banyan trees. The sea. Beautiful, and exactly the kind of places I enjoy visiting on a Sunday.

Some highlights of the day:

1. I drank a cocktail of frog reproductive organs while visiting a frog farm. I didn’t know what I was drinking at the time or I’m not sure I would have kept it down…

2. While at a fish farm, I got to see a black polka dotted sting ray (which you, too, could own for $6800 SGD). It was cool. We bonded.

3. I ate a durian pudding. Well, some of it. The smell of the durian is legendary… there are signs on taxis, malls, busses, that no durians are allowed because they smell so bad. I was to,d yhe pudding had a whiff of durian, but most of the smell was diffused. Based on the eau de durian I smelled (which was mikdly gross), I would say they smell like the inside of a dairy or like the stock room in the refrigerated section of a US grocery store.

4. I had my first bowl of laksa. And liked it. I liked it very much.

5. I got to hang out with some really wonderful people today, four great kids (a set of triplets) and their caring, patient, and fun parents. Such a blast!

6. I indulged in a fish spa. Fun! And also creepy! At this particular place, you pay a fee, they give you a towel, and you can dip your feet/ legs into one of two pools. One of the pools has big fish and the other, small ones. As you sit there, your legs in the water, the fish nibble off the dead skin on your feet. The smaller fish feel more like a massage than anything else (looking down is semi creepy though), but the larger fish (with larger mouths), feel like a bunch of cats licking you. Weird, but really enjoyable. My feet look fantastic! Well, as good as they can, I suppose…

I had a great day with a wonderful family. Every day I feel more comfortable in Singapore, and more blessed by the kindness and warmth of the people I have met here.






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