Return to MacRitchie…


I scraped myself out of bed early this morning after a really fun day yesterday meeting friends (and siblings) of friends and exploring museums, the American Club, and Clark Quay. At 8am (well, I was a little late), I met up with my friend Michael and his pal Edna to do a hike at MacRitchie Reservoir.

As you may recall, I was there (in a different part of the park) last week, and had an -ahem – encounter with some monkeys. I was a little wary of our hike today because of that incident, but looked forward to the Treetop Walk.

It’s humid in Singapore. And Treetop Walk = uphill climb. But, it was completely worth it. At the top of the hill was a sort of suspension bridge that was literally on top of trees. It was incredible. From that vantage point you could see the hills of Malaysia, woodpeckers and monkeys darting about below us, and enjoy a vast view of trees and the reservoir itself.

After our hike, Michael drove us to a nearby hawker center where we had lunch. Michael drives the same car I do – a grey Honda Fit. It was bizarre to be riding in a car I know so well, but with the steering wheel on the opposite side.

For lunch we had an ABC drink (apple, beetroot juice, celery), kaya toast, lon tong (deelicious cabbage, bean curd, egg, and green bean dish – on the right side of the photo) and the Malay dish of “carrot cake” which didn’t have any carrots but reminded me a lot of phad see ew (a fave Thai dish I eat all of the time in Seattle).

I have been hiding in the NUS Library thus afternoon to escape the heat and hang out in air con. Beautiful thing…

And – I am happy to report that my arthritis is nearly non-existent in this humid and warm weather. Very little to no pain at all. Amazing, no? It’s so nice to be able to move again!




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