Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys


Ok, let me begin by saying – this really happened.

This morning my friend Rani and her husband took me to Macritchie Reservoir, in central Singapore. (I wish I could upload photos, but my wifi signal is really weak so all I can do is text…). It is a beautiful place, with lovely trails, flowers, old growth trees, and some amazing foliage.

We hiked on the boardwalk trail and then into the forest. I think I’m getting used to the heat and humidity because I hiked the whole way (about 3 miles) without dying or using up all of my water.

When we got out of the car Rani told me that we might see some monkeys on the trail. This, of course, was super exciting to me, and I hoped hoped hoped we’d see some. She and her husband gave me a monkey behavior primer – don’t make eye contact, keep walking, etc. I didn’t think much of it.

We started in the boardwalk trail and saw a lot of wildlife, schools of fish, tortoises, swarms of damselflies and red! dragonflies. As we turned the corner, we saw a group of monkeys both in the trees hanging over the boardwalk and on the boardwalk itself. I was reminded not to look them in the eye and keep walking…

There were about 6 of them, and a few people stopping to take photos.

I was a little freaked out.

Rani was carrying a plastic bag full of water. As we walked by (ducking under the tree as the monkeys were jumping around overhead) one of the monkeys lunged at Rani’s plastic bag. We were under attack! We kept moving best we could, but we were surrounded by monkeys, they were following us. They really wanted Rani’s plastic bag. Rani dropped the bag and moved away from it. Another woman appeared from nowhere, and told her not to do that, picked up the bag, shooed the monkeys away, and told us to move on.

We were totally freaked out!

After our hike, in the bathroom, there were signs all over the place warning people not to carry plastic bags.

And now we know.




One thought on “Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys

  1. This was one of the places on my list. I just realized I never sent off that list!! Email on its way. Sounds like you’ve already hit so many high notes though. Your posts make me happy.

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